TikTok vs Facebook: How did this Chinese app get viral in the Facebook-dominated country?

2021-11-03, 8:00 pm Beijing Time

HoloBase #4 Networking and Discussion next Wednesday will focus on two of the world's most popular social platforms: Facebook and TikTok. We invited Louis Xu, former product technical leader of Facebook, to communicate with you. He has rich experience in user growth, product commercialization, and product risk control, and is a long-time thinker and observer of the Internet industry in China and the US.

This discussion will focus on the following topics:

  • What did Facebook do right in terms of user growth in the pre-TikTok era?
  • Why has TikTok grown into a successful international product that surpasses Facebook?
  • What is the growth logic of TikTok that surpasses the growth of Facebook-based products?
  • How should Zuckerberg face up to this rival from China?

Time: November 3, 8 pm Beijing Time

Platform: WhatsApp

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