In the Web3.0 era, what kind of new data storage solutions can we imagine?

2021-10-13, 8:00 pm Beijing Time

The Economist published a cover article back in 2017, stating that the world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Until today, ordinary people who have the sovereignty of 'data oil' are still unable to benefit from this precious resource. On the contrary, these data have brought serious privacy problems to their owners.

If a few key words were used to understand Web3.0, it would be humane, transparent and secure. So how do we achieve these wonderful visions? In terms of data storage, decentralized distributed storage is an important attempt.

This time, we have invited the Overseas Marketing Director Leeny Lee from Anmai Cloud MatrixStorage to share the new methods of data storage in the era of Web3.0.

If you're interested in Web3.0 or distributed storage, you're welcome to communicate with Leeny from MatrixStorage on October 13, at 8pm BST in the WhatsApp group.

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