HoloBase online events: how startups survive against the backdrop of the economic slowdown

2020-08-07, 5:00 pm Beijing Time

The economy has seen a slowdown in new coronavirus cases and businesses are facing life-and-death problems, which has spread to the venture capital sector. This sector consists of a large number of early-stage investment institutions (VCs) and startups, which are generally smaller in size but tend to have higher growth rates.

Therefore, in the current situation, how to maintain the survival of these startups has become a priority for various investment institutions.

According to a senior industry venture capital, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic caught many companies unprepared, but entrepreneurs must be firm in their belief that the short-term difficulties to fight through, the situation will be restored to usher in new opportunities. 

For CEOs, it is important to quickly sort out the company's business and analyze the extent of the impact of the epidemic on the business. Most companies' short-term cash flow will be very much affected, and entrepreneurs should think about how to cut costs and make staffing adjustments, and consider whether to adjust their business model in the long run.

Given this situation, we will invite HoloBase users to share their ideas about how startups survive against the backdrop of the economic slowdown in this event. This is the last one of our series events, welcome to join us!

This event is limited to 100 participants!

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