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deeproute.ai is an international L4-level full-stack solution provider for auto-driving, providing multi-application scenarios and customized auto-driving solutions for car companies, Tier1, travel companies and logistics enterprises. deeproute.ai helped the Technical Center of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. to complete the live broadcast of automatic driving and the demonstration operation of automatic driving during the 7th military world games. deeproute.ai also cooperated with Cao Cao, Dongfeng and Xiamen Yuanhai Wharf. deeproute.ai's object perception algorithm has won the championship of bicycle target detection in KITTI, the world's authoritative machine vision algorithm ranking list, surpassing Apple, UberATG and other enterprises. Its self-developed high-performance AI reasoning engine makes L4-level autopilot run on low-cost and low-power computing platforms. DeepRoute-Tite, a computing platform developed by deeproute.ai, consumes only one-ninth of the power and costs only half of the traditional scheme. At present, apart from dozens of self-driving vehicles undergoing routine technical road test in Shenzhen, deeproute.ai has also carried out test operation cooperation in many places across the country. The scale of the cooperative fleet is 26 vehicles in Wuhan (planned), 10 vehicles in Hangzhou (planned) and 6 vehicles in Xiamen (unmanned truck collection). The models include Dongfeng E70 (rear loading), Geely Geometry A (rear loading) and Dongfeng commercial vehicle unmanned truck (front loading). The operating teams have obtained test licenses in Hangzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen


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