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ShuMeiKeJi is committed to providing professional AI business risk control services for global customers. Based on advanced artificial intelligence technology, it has built a full-scenario, full-process, full-dimensional business risk control product matrix and a second-level iterative global SaaS AI risk control service network, which carries a large number of risk identification requests and realizes rapid evolution with products driven by business, model and data. Combine years of experience in black production confrontation to create a full-stack real-time intelligent risk control engine-Skynet, which aims to solve risk problems such as marketing fraud, payment risk control, data hacking, and fraudulent advertising for customers; At the same time, Tianjing, a full-stack intelligent content recognition engine, is built by combining artificial intelligence technology, providing customers with one-stop intelligent content security solutions, helping customers to identify problems such as pornography, politics, vulgarity, pornography and diversion advertisements in texts, pictures, audio, videos and web pages, avoiding business risks and improving operational efficiency. ShuMeiKeJi's business risk control service has successfully covered games, live broadcast, new retail, real estate, e-commerce, video, finance, media, tourism, travel, education and other industries


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