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ZhongQiAnLian belongs to Shanghai Jua Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jua Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the new financial technology layout of Zhongan Insurance (HK:6060), the first Internet insurance company in China, and is a financial technology service provider for core enterprises [blockchain+supply chain] hatched by Zhongan Technology. With the help of Zhongan Technology's independent research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, it provides online intelligent supply chain financial solutions. ZhongQiAnLian is committed to exploring the deep integration and innovative application of supply chain business scenarios, cutting-edge technologies and insurance resources. By combining artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other technologies with supply chain scenarios, we will create a cross-border integrated supply chain financial service solution of "finance+scenario+technology", and empower the core enterprises in the industrial chain with the integration of industry and finance resources, business model consultation, financial technology export and joint operation support, and help them build their own supply chain financial service platform, thus falling into the strategy of integration of real estate and finance


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