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SiLuDiZhenDuan is one of the leading enterprises in the field of accurate diagnosis in China, with third-party medical inspection services and IVD equipment and reagents, and a series of product research and development pipelines including tumor (from early diagnosis, accompanying diagnosis to dynamic monitoring) and microbial diagnosis. Since the split of Siweidi Group, it has focused on accurate diagnosis, and completed the first round of financing after the split in 2019 (SiLuDiZhenDuan Company completed the first round of financing after the split of RMB 280 million). At present, it has technical platforms including NGS (gene second-generation sequencing technology), qPCR, exosome nucleic acid/protein detection and artificial intelligence data analysis, and is a comprehensive R&D platform integrating equipment engineering, electricity, life science and technology, materials science and data analysis in the industry. The company also has a number of third-party inspection institutes with authoritative CAP and CLIA qualifications


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