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3D Medicines (3D Medicines), established in 2010, focuses on accurate medical treatment of cancer, develops a business model of integrated diagnosis and treatment of cancer by integrating and mining the data of biological characteristics of cancer, clinical diagnosis and treatment and drug research and development, and becomes a practitioner of integrated diagnosis and treatment of cancer in China. Currently, it has more than 650 employees in China and the United States. Cooperate with more than 200 top three hospitals in China: in the field of peer diagnosis, provide perfect integrated products and services for tumor diagnosis and treatment for different groups of people (drug companion diagnosis and testing covering tumor tissues and blood samples); In the field of tumor drug development, the research and development pipeline of new anti-tumor drugs covers immunotherapy and targeted therapy driven by variation of other markers. At present, the world's first new drug project for subcutaneous injection of anti-PD-L1 tumor immunotherapy antibody has entered the global (China, the United States and Japan) synchronous clinical development stage



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