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SINGULAR MEDICAL is a company dedicated to developing reliable, low-cost and high-efficiency cardiac rhythm management (CRM) system, providing safe and advanced treatment methods for the vast number of patients with cardiovascular diseases such as arrhythmia and heart failure


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Qitan Technology

Qitan Technology is a company in the field of gene sequencing technology. Its business scope covers medical applications such as non-invasive prenatal examination, test-tube baby, liquid biopsy, newborn examination, research on hereditary diseases and rare diseases, tumor typing, etc


series A

100 million CNY

8/5/2020 is a self-media sharing platform focusing on biopharmaceuticals, precision medicine and translational medicine. It continuously focuses on the fields of tumor functional genomics, drug research and development, stem cells, immune cells, gene sequencing, gene diagnosis, gene editing, precision medicine, etc


series Angle

Millions CNY


Think Great

Think Great is a research and development company of multi-modal brain imaging scientific data management system. It mainly provides users with private cloud system solutions, public cloud remote services and auxiliary diagnosis and treatment oriented services. At the same time, combining AI+ multi-modal brain images, it introduces a number of targeted medical services including early screening and prediction of Alzheimer's disease, accurate localization of epileptic foci and individualized brain intelligence prediction of children, etc. It is committed to quickly and accurately obtaining multi-modal brain image analysis and calculation results and effectively improving diagnosis and treatment speed

Artificial Intelligence


series A

50 million CNY



NuanWaKeJi integrates insurance and medical scenes deeply, realizes direct connection of medical data lines on the basis of full and legal authorization of user information, and analyzes and integrates medical data through cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, etc., and mines the value, and feeds back the data value to all participants in the medical and health industry, so as to drive intelligent operation of medical and health institutions


series A



Well-healthcare Technology

Well-healthcare Technology is a research and development company for monitoring systems and medical products. It has independently developed health monitoring, industrial monitoring, public safety monitoring, environmental monitoring and food monitoring sensors and other products to provide users with public safety, intelligent packaging, food and drug safety testing and other services


series A

Tens of millions CNY