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LiangYiHui is an authoritative anti-cancer academic platform, an official designated cooperation platform of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, and a strategic partner of the China Women's Foundation. LiangYiHui has maintained long-term and effective in-depth cooperation with many well-known hospitals and authoritative institutions at home and abroad. LiangYiHui is committed to solving the information asymmetry in professional fields, is an efficient tool for oncologists, and will also become an all-round platform for popular science propaganda, cancer prevention and anti-cancer for cancer patients and the general public


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Dami & Xiaomi

Dami & Xiaomi is China's leading service platform for children with autism spectrum, providing integrated services such as rehabilitation services, integrated educational support, parent training, online courses and popular science information



series C

Tens of millions USD



Dr.White is an intelligent rehabilitation and consultation service platform for deaf children. It provides parents with hearing rehabilitation courses and online speech courses for deaf children by means of " internet plus Education

Artificial Intelligence


series Angle

Nearly ten million CNY



Allined is an ecological enterprise in China that focuses on serving the whole industrial chain of orthopaedics. In the future Allined will apply "big data+artificial intelligence" to the whole process of orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment, and provide all-round doctor training and better patient services to improve the level of orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment in China and help more orthopaedic patients regain healthy bones and happy lives


series B

100 million USD



POLARIS BIOLOGY is a company founded by teams from Cambridge University and Zhejiang University. It is committed to providing effective drug treatment programs for common malignant tumor patients and doctors, significantly improving the survival rate and quality of life of patients, transforming the latest research results of robot scientists into applied technologies for tumor treatment, and creating an internationally leading individualized guiding drug use method at cell level


series B

70 million CNY



YunHuKeJi is a primary medical examination service platform, which sends examination samples to the laboratory quickly through a self-built cold chain logistics transportation system. After examination, analysis and review, the examination results will be uploaded to the cloud platform of cloud call examination service. Customers can log on the platform to download and check. The platform also provides accurate examination services, health management services and value-added services, such as examination report interpretation and disease diagnosis and treatment suggestions, to help improve the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment capability of primary medical institutions

Corporate Service

series B

220 million CNY