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YIWISE is a research and development artificial intelligence company focusing on the field of NLP human-computer interaction. It is committed to providing high-quality intelligent services to users worldwide through leading NLP technologies


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ZhiYanKeJi is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on in-depth learning and breakthrough in text semantic understanding technology. It is dedicated to research and development and innovation of intelligent dialogue technology, aiming at enabling machines to understand human language for dialogue interaction scenarios such as intelligent machine customer service, virtual assistant and intelligent home. At the same time, it provides AI solutions for enterprises by using the interactive data between machines and mass users

Artificial Intelligence

series A

Tens of millions CNY



ZhuiYi is the leading AI company in China, focusing on in-depth learning and natural language processing. Committed to the industry's leading AI solutions, products and services, continue to create value for customers and users and create a better life for mankind in the future. Relying on the original E strategic model, strong AI ability and deep scene intelligent service platform, ZhuiYi continues to help enterprises improve efficiency, experience and value and build the strongest corporate brain. The company serves hundreds of benchmark customers in finance, internet, retail, real estate, energy and other fields, including credit cards, Didi, China Mobile, Wanda, Southern Power Grid and so on

Artificial Intelligence

series C

41 million USD



YuanShanZhiNeng was founded in 2018 and headquartered in Beijing. It is an AI-driven industrial intelligent platform enterprise with many of the first batch of industrial intelligent hardware and cloud-based software applications in China. It pioneered the combination of production and finance with value-added services to fully empower and upgrade the manufacturing industry

Artificial Intelligence

Corporate Service

series A

50 million CNY



KuaiShangTong is an enterprise-level software service company focusing on artificial intelligence. It was formally established in 2009 and has successively launched " desktop customer service platform", " mobile customer service platform" and " intelligent robot customer service platform

Corporate Service

series Unknow

Nearly 100 million CNY



bailian.ai is an artificial intelligence company specializing in providing intelligent customer acquisition services. Its aim is to apply AI technology to further process unstructured business information on the Internet into structured sales leads to help improve customer acquisition efficiency and reduce customer acquisition costs. Committed to research and development of automated knowledge generation technology based on in-depth learning, business information is collected, cleaned, extracted, screened and rewritten, refined into accurate and reliable knowledge, and business cognition is improved

Artificial Intelligence

series A

50 million CNY