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novaco is a radio frequency and microwave integrated circuit designer. It will provide radio frequency and microwave integrated circuit components for mobile phones, base stations, satellites and other electronic communication equipment around the world. It is good at GaAs/GaN material technology, device design, modeling, DOE, microwave circuit and component research and development, and is proficient in the whole process of IIIV compound semiconductor product development



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precision is a platform-based company with underlying common technologies in the field of high-end equipment. The founding team consists of former Huawei, the early technical backbone of Spreadtrum, senior technical members of world-famous semiconductor equipment companies and domestic motion control experts. Within less than two years of its establishment, the company has achieved breakthroughs in core technologies such as motion control, algorithms, linear motors and machine vision, and based on these technologies, it has provided intelligent solutions such as crystal fixing, wire winding, bonding wires and glue dispensing equipment for semiconductor sealing and testing, optical communication and electronic components industries


series B

40 million CNY



ANGSTRONG is committed to becoming a top-level enterprise in the field of 3D sensing/intelligent hardware. It is an overall solution that provides first-class experience for many industries such as mobile phones, tablets, PC and other intelligent terminals, security monitoring, financial security, AR/VR, smart retail, safe city, car, AI, robots, smart home, industrial measurement, medical and other industries


series A

Tens of millions CNY


one hour

one hour is a mobile phone maintenance service chain, mainly in the form of mobile phone maintenance + accessories. It uses the official website, WeChat public number, APP and other channels to conduct online consultation and service reservation, and also provides on-site maintenance services such as screen replacement, battery replacement, chip replacement, as well as mobile phone recycling and trade-in services


series A

30 million CNY



Advancechip is an integrated circuit design enterprise specializing in the research and development of digital signal processor chips (DSP) and embedded solutions. The company has an advanced software and hardware design platform and a professional high-quality DSP design team, aiming at developing DSP core technology, realizing self-controlled DSP core in China, and providing customers with self-controlled, safe, reliable, efficient and available DSP products, solutions and supporting services


series B

Tens of millions CNY



Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is an international household appliance enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service


series Unknow

240 million CNY