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VIPThink is an intelligent interactive education service provider. It focuses on the development and training of mathematical and logical thinking ability of children aged 3-9 years old. It adopts the form of online live broadcast of small classes for a group of 6 people, breaks the geographical and time limits, integrates scientific teaching system and game-based knowledge exploration into highly interactive courseware, changes traditional rigid learning methods, adapts to the characteristics of physical and mental development at the age stage, and helps improve students' learning efficiency. In addition, the platform will cloud the learning data and combine with the evaluation system developed exclusively to realize customization of learning and individualized teaching


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MIAOCODE is a program education service provider for children. It mainly trains creative creativity, programming ability, logic ability and problem solving ability for young people aged 6 - 18. It provides intelligent education mainly with graphical programming tools, teaching games and student communities, covering online and offline education modes, under the banner of Shanghai Gengzi Education Technology Co., Ltd


series A

Nearly ten million USD



KaDa is a children's pan - IP platform with children's audio picture books as its entry point, with audio picture books as its flow product, with children's educational needs as its viscosity product, and with picture books as its profit product. The ultimate goal is to bring about the renaissance of Chinese children and become a platform for children's IP discovery and development, so that Chinese contemporary children's literature can go to the world


series A

Nearly 100 million CNY



BABYBANG is a customized platform for children's private accompanying education. It focuses on providing one-to-one on-site accompanying education services for children aged 3 - 12 in kindergartens and primary schools, accurately grasping the needs of users such as students, parents, teachers and relevant education departments, and continuously devotes itself to solving the two major problems of student safety and educational assistance


series A

Nearly ten million CNY



ChengChangBao needle is an online science logical thinking training for children aged 4 - 12 years. Through interactive and game-based teaching, it can cultivate children's seven abilities of concentration, creativity and logical thinking, stimulate their interest in " learning" and cultivate their ability of " learning



series B

300 million CNY



China's leading community chain of day care and early education institutions is an educational group integrating day care, early education, childcare, nursery, kindergarten, enterprise day care, day care joining, early education joining, nursery joining, kindergarten joining and teacher training