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cortp.com integrates the new generation of Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies with logistics packaging to build a global "logistics packaging intelligence circulation brain". At present, cortp.com has been applied to four major business scenarios of circulation management, intelligent leasing, supply chain forecasting and cross-border sharing in three major industries of auto parts, new retail and bulk liquid, thus realizing visualization and real-time of logistics packaging data and enabling practitioners in the third-party logistics and small and medium-sized leasing industries to jointly promote the sharing and socialization of logistics packaging within a country and across borders


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SINOIOV is a data technology company that takes data as its core and uses artificial intelligence technology to help the road freight industry reduce costs and increase efficiency and provide comprehensive services for the road freight industry. Up to now, the company has accumulated rich experience in commercial vehicle networking operation management and service, and has established national vehicle networking industrial bases in Beijing and Chongqing, with more than 40 provincial branches covering the whole country


series A

700 million CNY



EASY CARRY is an international logistics service transaction settlement platform, dedicated to standardizing logistics products, services and transactions through SaaS technology in internet plus, integrating domestic and foreign high-quality logistics service resources, optimizing international logistics service supply chain, providing supply chain financial services, and providing one-stop comprehensive international logistics solutions for logistics service purchasers


Corporate Service

series A

10 million USD



ChangXingZhiNeng, founded in September 2018, is a logistics unmanned solution provider with joint laboratories in the United States and Europe and research and development centers in Beijing and Suzhou. The company will provide L4 - level auto-driving software and hardware solutions including front-end perception, middle-end perception and end execution, including intelligent plug - ins, motion controllers, nuclear controllers, etc. according to the different needs of customers


Artificial Intelligence

series A

Tens of millions CNY



XinShiQi is committed to reconstructing the logistics infrastructure of smart cities with unmanned vehicles. With more than 10 years of experience in building intelligent hardware in the logistics industry, XinShiQi has integrated the production capability of vehicle regulations and has taken the lead in creating a new species in the intelligent era with L4-class unmanned vehicles as the carrier and the power of vehicle networking. XinShiQi has taken the lead in the world to complete the commercial landing and large-scale delivery of L4-class unmanned vehicle products


Artificial Intelligence


series A

200 million CNY