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RuiYanKeJi is an artificial intelligence high-tech company with computer vision as its core. Ai Company, which is based on face recognition, characterized by behavior recognition and innovative gait recognition


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Jul 2019 30 million CNY Series A News | RuiYanKeJi Completed 30 Million RMB Round A Financing, Bo Invested Capital


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ZhongKeHaoYin is a provider of voiceprint AI solutions. ZhongKeHaoYin independently developed many core technologies such as Cmfmc2.0 channel and format conversion engine, which can enable voiceprint recognition technology to be applied quickly and is an important link for recognition engine to connect various application scenarios

Artificial Intelligence

series A




ALATOR is an artificial intelligence technology solution provider, aiming at providing customized artificial intelligence data prediction and analysis solutions for enterprises. It has advanced in-depth learning neural network algorithm and data-driven artificial intelligence model building capability, and adopts the model building standard process of Google and the University of California Supercomputing Center

Artificial Intelligence

series A

Tens of millions CNY



HaoHuo customized legal and compliant flexible employment and fiscal and taxation optimization solutions for enterprises to help them crack employment risks, reduce employment costs and enhance their market competitiveness

Corporate Service

Artificial Intelligence

series A

30 million CNY



mholos is a high-tech cultural media company integrating holographic content production, production and market operation. Holographic business covers " cultural tourism, cultural entertainment, virtual dimension, parenting education, panoramic holographic theater" and so on, creating a 360 - degree " super - immersive" virtual reality cultural and artistic experience for users. At present, mholos already has three Chinese superstar icons IP: Leslie Cheung and Beyond exclusive holographic rights, and the operation right of " Teresa Teng Legend" holographic concert


series A

50 million CNY



DEEPQ is a technology start-up company with deep plowing industry + AI, and has excellent research and development capabilities in natural language processing, knowledge mapping, machine learning and other fields. Now we have cooperated with heavyweight customers in the fields of finance and law to form products with considerable industry influence. From intelligent human-computer interaction to intelligent investment and intelligent legal aid, it provides AI products and cloud services in the intelligent era for enterprises to realize AI - enabled enterprises

Artificial Intelligence

series Angle

Tens of millions CNY