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HiHome is a second-hand housing renovation and transaction service provider. It mainly serves young people who have just needed the first set of housing and owners who have housing sales needs. It focuses on providing owners with a complete set of second-hand housing renovation solutions, including design renovation, decoration, furniture and household appliances configuration, intermediary matching, etc., in order to help users shorten the transaction cycle of second-hand housing and improve transaction efficiency


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ShenGong007 is an O2O mobile Internet installation service platform dedicated to building materials home. As a market leader after home improvement, it has been committed to providing home building materials installation, maintenance, maintenance and renovation as well as all extension services around the home. Put forward your slogan of " home agent" to provide building materials installation, lamp installation, bath bully installation, sanitary ware installation, wooden door installation, electronic lock installation, toilet installation, sewer maintenance, professional water and electricity maintenance, toilet pipe maintenance, home maintenance, toilet maintenance, floor drain maintenance, renovation, partial renovation, kitchen renovation, toilet renovation and old house renovation


series C

25 million USD



SanWeiJia cloud decoration design platform not only has a convenient and easy-to-use effect map design tool, but also provides a large number of HD decoration effect maps, 3D models, decoration design cases and all kinds of decoration knowledge for you to easily finish the decoration

series C

500 million CNY



MEIWO is a high-end Internet home improvement brand aimed at serving young people aged 27 - 35. Meiwo insists on 100 % direct control workers, adopts international brand-name top cargo materials, and designs Muji, allowing you to put on 200,000 quality with 100,000. MEIWO, let young people live better


series A

70 million CNY



BaiBianKongJian is dedicated to the upgrading and renovation of houses in Beijing and the renovation and upgrading of hardcover houses. It is an Internet second-hand house renovation platform that is completed in 2 - 10 days and has a very high performance-price ratio


series A

50 million CNY



KuJiaLe is an online design platform for indoor decoration effect maps. You can easily draw house charts, get free feng shui reports and get the most professional suggestions for house renovation in KuJiaLe. Belonging to Hangzhou Group Core Cloud Computing, with distributed parallel computing and multimedia data mining as its technical core, it provides you with a one-stop Internet home improvement solution


series D