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ShuangTi is a company focusing on delivery of takeaway terminals. The team has many years of experience in design, development and operation of intelligent delivery terminals. It is composed of a complete continuous start-up team. Up to now, the company has completed two rounds of financing and entered a period of rapid development


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ZuoDaShi is a new take-out retail brand established in November 2018, creating a new model of " take - out + retail". ZuoDaShi, through in-depth insight into the scene of selling meals to the outside world, has launched top gourmets to search for the best flavor in the world, providing a take-out retail solution for restaurants and offering one-person take-out food products for users



series A

100 million CNY



ORDER HANDLER is a delivery agency that mainly provides standardized product solutions in the dimensions of business circle analysis, strategy effect tracking and menu engineering. The independently developed tool products can provide real-time feedback on the data such as customer unit price increase and order rate, and evaluate the operation strategy on a daily / weekly basis and fine-tune it so as to reduce the user's cost



series B

Hundreds of millions CNY



YinShiDongLi is the leading catering service platform in China, focusing on providing one-stop business solutions with online operation as the core for China's leading catering enterprises. Provide consultation, training, operation and maintenance of online take-out platforms for catering enterprises nationwide. The business covers major online catering platforms in China, including but not limited to Ele.me and Meituan take-out, and provide all-round construction of operation suggestions, capacity optimization and logistics distribution for online businesses of various stores


series A

Millions USD



YIMI STATION is a modern catering management enterprise focusing on food industry technology. The company's core team has accumulated nearly 20 years of industry accumulation in catering supply chain management and is committed to top-notch food modernization research and development. As the founder of personalized dining on campus, YIMI STATION takes students' needs as its core, deeply integrates mobile internet, internet of things, big data and cloud computing technology, and relies on multi-point distribution mode, intelligent dining cabinets closest to consumers and open food research and development platform to create intelligent dining on campus with social peace of mind, parents' trust and children's happiness, so that love can accompany growth


series A

Tens of millions CNY



LiuShanMen mainly provides flexible supply chain solutions for catering chain and new retail enterprises. Through the central factory system, semi-finished products and quasi-finished products are customized for stores of different brands and delivered to stores through cold chain logistics, ready to use by heating


series A

Tens of millions CNY