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JIMU is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and sales of ADAS advanced driving assistance system. Based on independent computer vision and image processing algorithms, JIMU has introduced a series of domestically produced professional driving assistance products, which can reduce traffic accidents, improve driving safety and improve drivers' driving habits through early warning


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ANZHI AUTO is based on the field of driver assistance system and related active safety systems. Its business focuses on the design and development of the overall scheme of the system and provides mass production products of multi-functional cameras and radar systems. To provide "localized" products suitable for domestic traffic conditions and driver characteristics for self-branded cars


series A

Tens of millions CNY



TuSenWeiLai is an artificial intelligence start-up enterprise focusing on research and development and application of self-driving freight truck technology. The company was established in September 2015. It has R & D centers in Beijing, Tangshan, Hebei Province, San Diego, California and Tucson, Arizona. Its core technical teams are from top universities in the world such as California Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Nanyang Technological University, Waseda University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Artificial Intelligence

series D

120 million USD



FABU is an artificial intelligence enterprise dedicated to the research and development of driverless and auxiliary driving related technologies. With independent intellectual property rights, FABU is China's leading intelligent driving system supplier and technology service provider


Artificial Intelligence

series A

Tens of millions USD



HoloMatic is a start-up company engaged in the development of the frontier field of automatic driving, focusing on creating an automatic driving scheme based on frontier artificial intelligence technology and automobile industry technology. HoloMatic has a complete layout from vehicle wire control and multi-sensor technology to the core algorithm module of upper-level automatic driving, and is one of the few companies with full stack automatic driving research and development capability. At the same time, HoloMatic's plan is directly aimed at mass production and strives to realize industrialization quickly

Artificial Intelligence


series A




MOMENTA is an auto-driving company, dedicated to building an auto-driving brain, providing environment awareness based on in-depth learning, high-precision maps and driving decision-making algorithms, making it possible for unmanned driving

Artificial Intelligence

series B

200 million USD