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BociMed is an enterprise engaged in drug research and development and clinical research. It provides high-quality research and development and outsourcing services including drug discovery, preclinical pharmaceutical research and development, clinical phase I-IV trials and registration declaration for enterprises through the establishment of a standardized service system


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LanssonPharm is a new drug research and development service provider, specializing in drug design, drug target identification, new drug structure design, pharmaceutical research, drug screening and evaluation and other fields, focusing on drug research and development of major diseases of the central nervous system, and carrying out drug informatics, new drug declaration, new drug policy consultation and other services


series A

Tens of millions CNY


Sciwind Biosciences

Sciwind Biosciences is a drug developer for metabolic diseases. The company is mainly engaged in the research of drugs for fatty hepatitis, liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis and other related metabolic diseases, and involves the research and development of new biological drugs with independent intellectual property rights


series B

250 million CNY



ZhiShanWeiXin is a biotechnology enterprise focusing on gene therapy and integrating gene drug research and development, technical service, technology transformation, large-scale production and sales. The future development of gene therapy drugs in ZhiShanWeiXin will focus on genetic diseases and neurodegenerative diseases


series A

Hundreds of millions CNY



DingKeYiLiao is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development and production of vascular interventional medical treatment products, and has completed several registration tests and animal experiments of three types of products, among which DingKeYiLiao has the pre-market clinical trial of coronary drug balloon DCB ( Drug Coated Balloon ) Dissove TM with independent PCT intellectual property rights


series B

Nearly 100 million CNY



XiQueYiYao is an innovative drug research and development company. It improves the activity and function of active natural product monomers in traditional Chinese medicine or small molecular compounds currently in clinical use through structural modification or modification. Currently, there are more than a dozen products under research, including nitrosodazine, memantine nitrate, T - 006, Al - 1, danshensu derivatives, etc


series C

100 million CNY