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YiMiaoShenZhou is a cancer diagnosis and treatment service provider based on immune cell therapy CAR-T, which is independently developed from the whole process of plasmid production, lentivirus vector preparation, CAR-T cell preparation, quality research, etc., and is committed to conquer malignant tumors


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RuiDiShengWu is a research and development company of electromagnetic tumor treatment methods. It has developed nanosecond electric pulse ablation tumor products with higher voltage and higher frequency. It is an upgraded product of microsecond electric pulse irreversible electroporation technology. Ultra - short nanosecond pulse can form high-density nanopores on cell membrane and internal organelle membrane. In addition to destroying tumor cells, it may also trigger host immune response to remove tumor cells and inhibit tumor neovascularization, which may reduce tumor invasion, metastasis and recurrence


series A

Tens of millions CNY



POLARIS BIOLOGY is a company founded by teams from Cambridge University and Zhejiang University. It is committed to providing effective drug treatment programs for common malignant tumor patients and doctors, significantly improving the survival rate and quality of life of patients, transforming the latest research results of robot scientists into applied technologies for tumor treatment, and creating an internationally leading individualized guiding drug use method at cell level


series B

70 million CNY



LDK is a high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, production and sales services and focuses on surgical implants. The main products are auspicious hip joint system made of microporous titanium alloy, wishful knee joint system stable after high flexion, combined bone tumor joint system, classic coral surface microporous hip joint system with tens of thousands of clinical trials in 30 years, etc


series A

110 million CNY



NuProbe's TOE HOLD PROBE - based technology is the initial research and development at Harvard University's Vis Institute of Bioengineering and Rice University, and is authorized by its patent. This is a breakthrough molecular technology that can be used to detect various diseases including cancer. NuProbe's technology can very sensitively identify mutants in the early stage, improve the detection rate of diseases and help guide treatment decisions that can increase patients' chances of survival


series A

11 million USD