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AiYingHuLian is a film and television production service platform, focusing on film and television production and crowdsourcing of professional skills. It establishes an exclusive video album for everyone, provides film-level film production services for the public and enterprise users, establishes a platform research and development center, and independently develops websites and mobile applications


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Jan 2019 Undisclosed Series A+ Exclusive | Video Editing Service Platform " AiYingHuLian" Won Investment from Youke Factory, etc


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PMF Pictures

PMF Pictures is an original film and television production company. Its main business includes film and television works distribution, industrial investment, cultural and artistic exchange and planning, design and production of various advertisements, etc. He has produced and produced " Made in the Sky", " Triple Gate" and " Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves






LEFULL is committed to creating quality living and community services, providing high-quality living environment and supporting facilities for urban youth, building living experience and continuously creating a sense of belonging to the city

Social Network

series B

Nearly 100 million CNY


The show, China's new film power, the internet film and television incubation and dissemination platform, has made great achievements since it was founded in 2016 in the incubation, IP development, marketing and distribution of internet movies


series A

5 million USD



MEITU is China's leading mobile Internet company. It has created a series of software and hardware products around " Beauty" such as MEITU Xiu Xiu, Beauty Camera, Beauty Plus ( overseas version of Beauty Camera ), Tide Self - timer, Beauty Camera, Beauty Camera, MEITU Mobile Phone, etc., which not only makes it easy for users to make images beautiful, but also makes the self-timer culture deeply rooted in the hearts of the people



NingMengYingYe was established in Shanghai in 2014 and is committed to the investment, production, marketing, distribution and derivative operation of TV series, movies and online programs. The company's founder team has rich experience in film and television production and integration of industry resources


series C

Hundreds of millions CNY