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FinTell is a provider of financial risk control solutions. It is a financial technology company that uses big data technology to provide risk control solutions and consulting services for financial institutions. Its service areas include banking, insurance, credit, payment, asset management and other financial institutions. Its products and services include full-process risk control solutions, credit / anti - fraud models based on big data and machine learning, etc


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P PINTEC focuses on standardizing the complicated financial factors of production to form an end-to-end solution, embedding it like a chip into the product and service system of institutional customers to help them quickly realize intelligent transformation

Corporate Service

Financial Service

series Unknow

100 million USD



FUDATA.CN is an industry-leading big data intelligent service provider, focusing on providing credit scoring services for financial institutions, identifying fraud risks, gaining insight into source data DNA, and escorting Internet financial business

Artificial Intelligence

Corporate Service

series B

Hundreds of millions CNY



WuKongBao is an Internet insurance customization expert focusing on B2B business, focusing on analyzing the ecological pain points of Internet insurance, and providing four major insurance solutions for all-round serious illness insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and life insurance. WuKongBao - Cross - border, Experience, Customize, Share


Financial Service

series Angle

60 million CNY



HaiNaZhiTou takes investment banking and securities investment consulting business as its main body, and with its own talent advantages and research strength, has established an information network and good cooperation relationship with securities authorities, various professional research institutions, famous universities and news media. Since its establishment, the company has provided various professional investment banking services to hundreds of customers, which has been widely recognized by customers and the industry, has accumulated a number of high-quality customers, and has formed a long-term cooperative strategic relationship

Financial Service

series A

50 million CNY