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face++ is a knowledge-intensive start-up with pure independent research and development in the field of innovation. Through innovative machine vision technology to create a new generation of image recognition engine, and gradually provide products including face recognition, human body recognition, character recognition, object recognition and so on, it has grown into the world's largest face recognition technology platform


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YiTu is engaged in innovative research on artificial intelligence and is committed to combining advanced artificial intelligence technology with industrial applications to build a safer, healthier and more convenient world. At present, technology has been used in security, finance, transportation, medical and other industries

Artificial Intelligence

series Unknow

30 million USD



SenseTime is the world's leading AI platform company and " the world's most valuable AI innovation enterprise". The company's total financing amount is over US $ 1.6 billion, with a valuation of over US $ 4.5 billion. With the mission of " insisting on originality and letting AI lead human progress", we have established the world's top and independently developed in-depth learning supercomputing center and a series of AI technologies, including face recognition, image recognition, text recognition, medical image recognition, video analysis, unmanned driving and remote sensing

Artificial Intelligence

series Unknow

1000 million USD



YIWISE is a research and development artificial intelligence company focusing on the field of NLP human-computer interaction. It is committed to providing high-quality intelligent services to users worldwide through leading NLP technologies

Artificial Intelligence

series A

40 million CNY



RuiYanKeJi is an artificial intelligence high-tech company with computer vision as its core. Ai Company, which is based on face recognition, characterized by behavior recognition and innovative gait recognition

Artificial Intelligence

series A

30 million CNY