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WeChat is a free application program that provides instant messaging services for intelligent terminals. It can quickly send free voice messages, videos, pictures and text across the network with cross-communication operators and cross-operating system platforms ( requiring a small amount of network traffic ). At the same time, it can also use service plug-ins such as " shake", " float bottle", " circle of friends", " public platform" and " voice notebook" that share streaming media content and location-based social plug - ins


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Intelligence 22 Research Briefs

Xiaomi to shut down its MiTalk chat service from next month

Research Brief Jan 26, 2021

Community group-buying may usher a boom in China as next billion-dollar market

Research Brief Dec 07, 2020

Chinese video-sharing giants rush into the payment field

Research Brief Nov 30, 2020

<Editor's Pick>Huawei to enter mobile payment market as Huawei Pay is officially launched

Research Brief May 13, 2020

Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, … Internet giants' ambitions to the telecommuting market

Research Brief Apr 24, 2020

ByteDance expands its new search engine function as it pushes further into the search market

Research Brief Apr 22, 2020

Can telecommuting become the new normal after the epidemic?

Research Brief Apr 21, 2020

With the launch of 5G-based messaging service, can China's telecoms carriers challenge WeChat?

Research Brief Apr 10, 2020

< Editor's Pick>Tencent reports $13.5 billion net income for 2019, showing a diversified development of major business

Research Brief Mar 24, 2020

Sogou plans to break through the dilemma of weak growth

Research Brief Mar 12, 2020

G-Net MeetNow : how to build the commercial value of efficiency tools as the explosion of video conference products

Research Brief Feb 27, 2020

TikTok has become a huge threat to Facebook’s app download dominance

Research Brief Feb 13, 2020

Huawei Cloud’s WeLink, Dingtalk, WeChat Work … the forces of all parties have turned to remote mode as coronavirus spreads

Research Brief Feb 04, 2020

WeChat tests pay-to-read function for official accounts, is it WeChat’s new era of money-making

Research Brief Jan 16, 2020

With the establishment of Tencent’s digital currency research project team, how blockchain reshapes the payment industry becomes the focus

Research Brief Dec 30, 2019

<Editor's Pick> Q3 profit drop by 13%, Tencent will have to wait a little longer for its comeback

Research Brief Nov 20, 2019

Pinduoduo, mini programs and super app, which Chinese elements are listed on the annual report of "Queen of Internet"?

Research Brief Jun 21, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Surpassing Baidu, the $40 billion-valued Meituan became the third biggest internet company in China

Research Brief Jun 19, 2019

US$250 million, Tencent’s new round of investment in Mafengwo shows its ambitions in the tourism industry

Research Brief May 31, 2019

<Editor's Pick>How to build a 1-billion-user super app ? Zhang Xiaolong may know the answer

Research Brief May 01, 2019

Dismantling Tencent's financial map

Research Brief Dec 21, 2018

Alipay versus WeChat Pay: a 5-year battle between Chinese payment giants

Research Brief Dec 14, 2018