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BianChengMao is to train future creators, is an education for the world in 2030, and is suitable for children aged 7 - 16. Programming in BianChengMao is as simple as building blocks! BianChengMao has carefully designed the online children's programming education curriculum based on the concept of " edutainment" to cultivate children's logical thinking and creative ability in the programming process, and directly intervene in STEAM discipline so that children can learn scientific knowledge from an early age and prepare for the future


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bmcode, an online programming education platform for children aged 6 - 12, has a mature curriculum system for children's programming, an original interactive lecture class and a top programming teacher team. Through small class live broadcast class, interactive class and online answering class, students can easily get started, step by step and continuously advance, realize the perfect combination of interest and knowledge, and become small talents in programming


series A

Tens of millions CNY


one code

one code is a technology company that carries out children's programming education around informatics Othello. Informatics Othello ( hereinafter referred to as " Shino" ) is one of the five disciplines competition, which runs through the three school-age stages of primary school, junior high school and senior high school. one code now has a complete course system and online teaching platform


series Seed

Millions CNY



Children's programming education is a science and technology education platform with programming education as its core and STEAM education as its main theme. By constructing a complete teaching and research system, it focuses on technology and innovation in the cutting-edge science and technology fields such as programming, STEM, artificial intelligence and life science


series Angle

Millions CNY



iandCode.com is a children's programming brand, focusing on "subject+programming". iandCode.com hopes to satisfy the mathematical thinking training in primary school through interactive teaching, and make up for the shortage of children's programming that now uses game writing and competition as exports


series A