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Vipcode programming is a learning platform for children's programming, which uses self-developed visual programming tools and original " five - screen interactive scene teaching mode" for users aged 6 - 18 years, covering programming languages such as scratch, python, c, c + +, including introduction, foundation, application and expansion of various stages of difficulty. Beijing not branch education technology co., ltd


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Jun 2018 85 million CNY Series A Vipcode won 85 million yuan a round of financing, with innovation works leading the investment


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JiKeChenXing is a program education institution for children, mainly for children from grade one to grade seven. It provides interesting programming and programming courses from primary to advanced algorithms. According to the children's situation, the team made four curriculum systems, including visual programming logic concepts, elementary / intermediate algorithms, JS, Python, C and other working languages, as well as the International Advanced Information Olympics


series A

Nearly 100 million CNY



Big Ear Monkey is a fun programming service provider for children. It takes CSTA 2016 computers in primary and secondary schools in the United States as its teaching syllabus, based on game-based and level-based learning, to help students master basic knowledge and skills of programming in the process of game entry, cultivate children's data - based, logical and systematic way of thinking, and train innovative thinking and practical ability


series Angle

Millions CNY



MIAOCODE is a program education service provider for children. It mainly trains creative creativity, programming ability, logic ability and problem solving ability for young people aged 6 - 18. It provides intelligent education mainly with graphical programming tools, teaching games and student communities, covering online and offline education modes, under the banner of Shanghai Gengzi Education Technology Co., Ltd


series A

Nearly ten million USD



WECODE is an online programming learning platform that provides online video courses and online live tutoring for teenagers around the world. The company is committed to using the power of science and technology to make the process of learning programming easier and more interesting for children


Artificial Intelligence

series A

Millions USD


Coding Garden

Coding Garden is a K12 programming one-on-one teaching platform, integrating teaching contents into novel and interesting graded game tasks, visual cartoon images of knowledge programming, inspiring children to use what they have learned through games, and imperceptibly completing the digestion and absorption of what they have learned


series A

Tens of millions CNY