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WeiJing Technology is an Internet technology company focusing on home entertainment, focusing on the smart home sector and providing an immersive entertainment experience for a new generation of Chinese families through intelligent terminals and services. The main business scope includes smart TV, smart projection, content services, internet hardware and software, audio equipment, e - commerce, etc


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GIMI is a short name for the intelligent projector manufacturer GIMI Technology Co., Ltd., established in May 2012, dedicated to providing consumers with excellent performance and high-quality intelligent projection products, and " born free" is GIMI's product concept


series Unknow

600 million CNY



coocaa focused on the new form of TV products and the value-added service of TV platform content, and all technologies and products were in the forefront of the world. After many years of hard work in the field of smart TV, coocaa TV brand was launched in 2013 and became the first color TV brand to sell over one hundred million dollars in one day on the 11th of that year, creating Guinness World Sales Record



JMGO Projection is an intelligent projection equipment developer. Under the same LAN, JMGO control can be used for pairing, and the mobile phone can control JMGO intelligent projection and laser tv to realize the functions of direction + confirmation, remote control focusing, volume adjustment and one-key 3D switching


series D

600 million CNY



VOIMI is committed to applying the Internet and artificial intelligence technology to household appliances and producing high-tech Internet appliances such as artificial intelligence water purifiers, Internet smart refrigerators and Internet smart smoke stoves. It is a high-tech Internet company and a national high-tech enterprise


Artificial Intelligence


Hisense is a very large electronic information industry group company, established in 1969. Hisense Trust adheres to the development strategy of " establishing enterprises with technology and operating steadily", and continues to develop healthily on the basis of optimizing the industrial structure, technological innovation as the driving force and capital operation as the lever