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XiaoHuangGou is an intelligent recycling platform for renewable resources that can exchange waste products for money. By setting up an intelligent recycling machine in public places to receive waste thrown by citizens in a paid way, and at the same time docking waste recyclers, a complete ecological chain of waste recycling will be formed, contributing to the promotion of social environmental protection and public welfare undertakings


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QianNiaoHuLian takes waste paper recycling as the starting point to provide standardized, digitalized and standardized recycling services for the factory. Through waste paper recycling, it has gradually expanded to financial services and base paper supply chain to provide a basket of solutions for packaging and printing enterprises. QianNiaoHuLian has grown into a leading brand of industry service provider in packaging and printing



series A

Tens of millions CNY



Inossem is an energy and resources industry consulting and technical service provider. The company mainly creates industry-leading performance for enterprises through the combination of enterprise strategies, business processes and information technology, and promotes enterprise transformation through the combination of Internet, cloud and other related technologies

Corporate Service

series B

Tens of millions USD



SATELLITEHERD is a commercial satellite measurement and transportation control service provider. Starting from satellite measurement and control services, it mainly provides commercial satellite users with integrated communication services of heaven and earth and in-orbit management and data application services. The satellite ground station and satellite measurement and control system based on cloud services independently developed can provide satellite measurement and transportation control services to users, thereby reducing satellite measurement and control costs


series A

Tens of millions CNY



RoboSense is the world's leading provider of self-driving lidar environment awareness solutions. The company combines the laser radar sensor hardware scheme, three-dimensional data processing algorithm and depth learning technology with its own robot perception products with world-leading level. Through continuous technological innovation, the robot has the ability to perceive the environment beyond human eyes



300 million CNY



elens has the world's top AI expert team from Microsoft Asia Research Institute. elens has long-term algorithm accumulation and excellent engineering ability in natural language processing, text analysis, machine vision and other fields, and has world-class experience in search, knowledge mapping and other application fields. We will continue to deepen our understanding of the industry and build AI capabilities for our customers and enhance core business value with the model of " industry experts leading and standard AI products supporting

Artificial Intelligence

series Unknow

150 million CNY