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VIP ABC is the world's first online English teaching organization 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Developed by the core technology team of Silicon Valley in the United States, it realizes the global cloud computing integration service


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Dingdong Class

Dingdong Class is an online learning platform for children's English, mainly for users aged 5 - 10. Based on the trinity of pre-class strong preview, in-class strong interaction and after-class strong feedback, as well as online AI interactive teaching methods, it provides online U.S. primary school teaching courses for users with game-based enlightenment and junior English, aiming to improve students' enthusiasm for learning and English proficiency

Artificial Intelligence


series B

Tens of millions USD



WaiJiaoYi aims to empower China's second, third and fourth-line training institutions and provide them with high-quality and reliable solutions to live online foreign teachers' classroom teaching. It is the leader of the " online foreign teachers' double qualification" model


series A

30 million CNY



YingYuLiuLiShuo is a well-known " AI + Education" company in China, with the world's largest database of Chinese English pronunciation, and has independently developed a leading technology for English spoken language recognition and evaluation, as well as an adaptive engine based on in-depth learning ( verified to be able to triple the efficiency of English learning ). The product " YingYuLiuLiShuo" app with the same name has more than 80 million registered users and is the leading English learning application and the largest English learning community in China


series Unknow

300 million USD



Acadsoc.com.cn aims to open a new door to China's online training market, which has always been " closed to outsiders", so that domestic English learners can directly and seamlessly contact with frontline English teachers to learn authentic English, break the traditional English learning mode of Chinese teaching Chinese and listening to audio and video recordings, and enable learners to get rid of " dumb English" and " pidgin accent", so that they can apply what they have learned and communicate directly with foreigners


series C




VIPKID is a children's international education brand owned by Rice Future Technology Co., Ltd .. We are committed to creating an authentic one-to-one online American primary school classroom for' interesting, independent and curious' new parents and older children. Our vision is:' Science and technology make education more humane



series E

150 million USD