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YHGlobal Co., Ltd. is a modern international logistics enterprise growing at a high speed under the background of economic globalization, with 15 molecular companies and 26 offices at home and abroad


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Sep 2017 1200 million CNY Undisclosed Daily Express | YHGlobal gets 12 RMB in financing and Google buys HTC mobile phone business - 2017.9.21


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EASY CARRY is an international logistics service transaction settlement platform, dedicated to standardizing logistics products, services and transactions through SaaS technology in internet plus, integrating domestic and foreign high-quality logistics service resources, optimizing international logistics service supply chain, providing supply chain financial services, and providing one-stop comprehensive international logistics solutions for logistics service purchasers


Corporate Service

series A

10 million USD



SuiCheLa is a city logistics service platform, featuring " shared trunk" service and Didi taxi in the freight version, which enables drivers and users to create profits by using the marginal value of their car trunk and improve the efficiency of city express delivery without increasing the cost of social transport capacity. The project RMC, developed independently, mainly makes a visual tracking of truck driver's journey, so as to provide corresponding financial risk management services


series Angle

Millions CNY



YiDaiChu is the industry's most valuable Internet warehouse operation management platform and the most complete factory warehouse information website, providing small and medium-sized micro-enterprises with comprehensive warehouse leasing, warehouse leasing, warehouse management, warehouse matching integration, warehousing finance and other personalized warehousing services. It helps enterprises improve the efficiency of production, logistics and warehouse matching, and can find YiDaiChu with flexible warehouse leasing


series B

120 million CNY



SINOIOV is a data technology company that takes data as its core and uses artificial intelligence technology to help the road freight industry reduce costs and increase efficiency and provide comprehensive services for the road freight industry. Up to now, the company has accumulated rich experience in commercial vehicle networking operation management and service, and has established national vehicle networking industrial bases in Beijing and Chongqing, with more than 40 provincial branches covering the whole country


series A

700 million CNY