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ShouQiYueChe is a rental car platform. Since its launch, it is striving to create the first brand of customized car service. At present, the company is exploring the markets in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, and plans to vigorously promote them nationwide in the future to become advocates of intelligent transportation. The company's special vehicles will all use the vehicles formally leased by large leasing companies and cooperate with professional driver service companies to provide customers with a brand-new on-call car experience through the use of mobile internet and big data technology


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DiTaPinChe is a social travel software and is currently the leader in the field of carpooling in China. DiTaPinChe's product positioning is very clear. It only works as a " shared and social carpooling software" and always follows the principle of " drop by". Let car owners provide mutual travel and share travel with people who need to travel near their work place and address


series C

100 million USD



DaDaoYongChe is China's innovative shared car intelligent operation platform, dedicated to creating a full-scene travel platform. Compared with the traditional time-sharing lease, DaDaoYongChe provides a new type of shared transportation service at the ground floor, which can cover almost all car scenarios and needs


series Unknow

Tens of millions USD



BangBangXing is a service platform for bus transportation in internet plus. It is dedicated to "internet plus Smart Travel" and provides users with safe and convenient services such as "inter-city travel, intra-city travel, inter-city flash transportation, and official vehicles


series B

100 million CNY



TOGO, a time-sharing car rental provider, provides users with instant short-distance travel services in the city. TOGO is the largest fuel vehicle operating platform in China, with more than 7000 vehicles operating in 7 cities and more than 3.5 million users. In 2018, TOGO will continue to expand its business scale and urban service scope. It is expected to open 12 cities, operate 15,000 vehicles and have 5 million users


series B

Nearly ten million USD



ZhaoDianLv is an Internet - based electric car rental model, which provides a low threshold, high efficiency, fast and environmentally friendly means of transport for runners. Running men, riders, and couriers can book and rent electric vehicles online and on WeChat in Zhengzhou


series A

Nearly ten million CNY