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XuanHaoHuo is a community group buying platform, featuring second and third tier cities. On line, the leader collects the shopping needs of users in the same community and pays through WeChat. Below the line, the merchants uniformly distribute the goods to the self-raising points in the community. After the completion, they will give the leaders a commission of 10 % - 30 % based on sales, with a loss rate of about 1


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XiaoShouYi has an intelligent mobile CRM system. Combining CRM with mobile social, cloud computing, AI and Internet of Things technologies, it will build a new generation of customer relationship management system to boost enterprise performance

Corporate Service

series E

120 million USD



XiaoBangBang is a leading enterprise mobile SaaS service provider in China and is also Ali's strategic ecological partner. Since its establishment, Xiaoyang Network has complied with the national "internet plus" strategy, has a strong sense of mission for the management innovation of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, and is committed to providing an easy-to-use, flexible and safe business process management system for small and medium-sized micro enterprises

Corporate Service

series A

40 million CNY



QiQiTong was established in 2014 and is an industry-leading Internet technology company focused on supply chain management and supply chain financial product development, implementation and operation, and committed to achieving interconnection among enterprises

Corporate Service

series B

Tens of millions CNY



sunyur is a provider of digital procurement solutions for enterprises. Through intelligent procurement in Taiwan, procurement of SaaS applications and supporting services, sunyur helps large customers with annual revenue of 1 billion to 100 billion to quickly set up an exclusive Internet procurement platform, realizing the transformation of enterprise procurement to online, transparent and digital, improving efficiency and reducing procurement costs

Corporate Service

series A




leyaoyao is an intelligent payment platform for offline self-service equipment, which is deeply rooted in the baby machine industry and quickly takes over the market with the intelligent payment box and SaaS model, becoming an entry-level platform for Internet offline traffic. leyaoyao's mission is to make the equipment smarter and make life better. The vision is a multi-million-level intelligent platform for equipment


series C

150 million CNY