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Ztore is an e-commerce platform in Hong Kong, selling grain, oil, groceries and daily necessities, allowing users to purchase products online, select appropriate delivery time and settle accounts through a certified payment platform. The products are diversified and have local characteristics


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Oct 2018 8 million USD Series B Hong Kong e-commerce platform " Ztore" 8 million US dollars B round of financing


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SongShuPinPin is a community group purchase e-commerce platform, officially launched in August 2018, featuring community-based groups to deliver ultra-low price and high quality fresh daily necessities to community families. While reducing the purchasing cost of community residents, it also reduces the consumption of time and energy for residents to choose products


series B

31 million USD



FenXiang social e-commerce platform is a new type of social e-commerce platform. Relying on its own business resources and JD.com's supply chain, it selects the world's best products and takes community sharing as the core to provide community-based social e-commerce services for groups such as pushers, shopping guides, treasure mothers and logistics personnel


series B

Nearly 100 million CNY



MeiTengYouFang is a B2B2C platform that helps entity merchants operate regional communities and private domain traffic through independently developed mall platforms and merchant management systems. The core is to help businesses operate private domain traffic through explosive products. Specifically, MeiTengYouFang provides member marketing methods such as points exchange, large turntables, golden eggs smashing, etc. for the merchants settled in, and outputs complete commodity supply chain solutions at the same time


series Angle

8 million CNY



BaiZu uses APP as the Internet technology infrastructure in the leasing industry to provide businesses with accurate leasing traffic and orders, as well as marketing tools and technical support services. To provide consumers with the whole process of leasing services such as commodity shopping guide, search, trading, marketing, online customer service, etc


series A

Millions USD