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XiXiang is a leading takeout catering service brand. Relying on the cooperation between people and machines, a professional team of chefs is responsible for the development of cooking methods and dishes. IT teams translate them into machine language through programming, and finally cook with intelligent production equipment. Users can order food through WeChat and other channels, and food can be served through starvation


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Oct 2018 120 million CNY Series B bento brand XiXiang completed 120 million yuan b round of financing


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BaMan is a restaurant chain brand, featuring offline sales and online community marketing of Hunan Changde beef rice noodles. The main products include stewed yellow beef rice noodles, spicy beef powder from Funiu Hall BaMan and beef powder from Funiu Hall BaMan, which users can purchase through physical stores or online flagship stores


series B

Tens of millions CNY



LiuShanMen mainly provides flexible supply chain solutions for catering chain and new retail enterprises. Through the central factory system, semi-finished products and quasi-finished products are customized for stores of different brands and delivered to stores through cold chain logistics, ready to use by heating


series A

Tens of millions CNY



HUANG XIAO DI is a take-out food ordering platform. The business users on the platform are all qualified. At the same time, the platform provides food materials and public kitchen equipment that are lower than the selling price of the vegetable market for the business users, and provides publicity services for the businesses settled in. Users can make catering reservation through WeChat or the user terminal, and the platform provides distribution services for users


series A

Nearly 100 million CNY



ORDER HANDLER is a delivery agency that mainly provides standardized product solutions in the dimensions of business circle analysis, strategy effect tracking and menu engineering. The independently developed tool products can provide real-time feedback on the data such as customer unit price increase and order rate, and evaluate the operation strategy on a daily / weekly basis and fine-tune it so as to reduce the user's cost



series B

Hundreds of millions CNY


Bonjour Souffle

Bonjour Souffle is a main baking brand of Shufulei. Dessert originated in France in the Middle Ages and popular in Japan is characterized by a large amount of air, only 15 minutes of the best tasting time, and a fluffy and unique taste. Positioning at the middle and high end, the core audience is young women aged 15 - 35, with scenes including lovers and girlfriends gathering


series Angle

Nearly ten million CNY