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JIUye is a fourth-party logistics enterprise serving fresh cold chain e - commerce, providing one-stop services such as fresh agricultural products processing, packaging, cold chain home delivery and so on through the cold chain distributed storage system


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JuMa focuses on urban logistics car distribution, providing shippers with a series of logistics distribution services such as city logistics distribution, cold chain distribution, supermarket distribution, food distribution, furniture and household appliances distribution, landing distribution, etc., launching C1 driver start-up plan, assisting aspiring drivers to join the city distribution team, and solving shippers' urban logistics distribution service problems with standardized and efficient service standards


series C

1500 million CNY



SS LOGISTICS is a medical cold chain logistics service provider. Focus on providing cold chain logistics services for enterprises in the fields of biomedicine and life science, serving biomedicine and focusing on cold chain logistics


series A

Tens of millions CNY



SuiCheLa is a city logistics service platform, featuring " shared trunk" service and Didi taxi in the freight version, which enables drivers and users to create profits by using the marginal value of their car trunk and improve the efficiency of city express delivery without increasing the cost of social transport capacity. The project RMC, developed independently, mainly makes a visual tracking of truck driver's journey, so as to provide corresponding financial risk management services


series Angle

Millions CNY



JuMeng is a large-ticket LTL network operation service provider. Based on the park, it integrates and shares the dedicated lines with the logistics dreams of the aggregation cities, and connects the strong ones to realize the development of products, standardization, informatization and intensification. It forms a stable, efficient and economical door-to-door full-direct transportation system covering the first, second and third-level cities in the country, and creates a symbiotic and win-win logistics ecosystem

Financial Service

series A

Hundreds of millions CNY



WeiJieChengPei takes the integration of warehouse and distribution as its main service product, focusing on the two main lines of catering and business, serving the three customer groups of brand, channel and chain terminal, building a multi-city, multi-temperature and multi-level warehouse and distribution operation network, taking transparency of process, digitalization of operation, optimization of inventory management and efficient delivery of contract as its core capabilities, and actively enabling customers to improve the efficiency and quality of supply chain


series B

100 million USD