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KaoLaJingXuan is a community group purchase project recently hatched by the fast food B2B platform " New Gao Qiao", which was launched in May and officially launched in Changsha in July. Through the community group limited-time special sale, we will supply good and cheap goods to the consumers around the store and create a new one-stop retail


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Nice Tuan

Nice Tuan is a community fresh group purchase e-commerce platform, aiming at the daily consumption scene of the family with the community as the starting point. It mainly deals with fresh food, daily necessities and household necessities all over the world and has landed in more than 3,000 communities across the country, covering 4 cities in North China and 6 cities in East China. Community users can join the platform to start a business part-time and get 15 - 25 % commission for sales. At the same time, it provides the whole supply chain solutions from commodities, warehousing, logistics and systems to community counterparts everywhere


series D

750 million USD



LaMianShuo is a fast food company focusing on ramen noodles, taking the middle and high-end route, and the user group is single people or newly married couples in first-tier and second-tier cities. We are committed to simple operation and good taste

series A

10 million CNY



TianXianPei is a community fresh food retailer, based on data-driven product selection capability, with fresh food as its core and aquatic products as its feature to establish differentiated commodity advantages. In the aspect of supply chain integration, professional procurement + whole-process cold chain + store preservation to ensure the freshness and low price of goods; In terms of operation, store partner mode + target quantitative management + systematic training of store manager mode is adopted


series A

Nearly ten million CNY



LanLongLong is an agricultural and sideline products supply chain platform, taking the integration of egg products supply chain as the breakthrough point, aiming to build an agricultural and sideline products supply chain platform. Determined to build a new B2B2C fresh food industry chain


series A

Nearly ten million CNY



FRESH YOUR LIFE was founded in 2014 and is a new retail empowerment, operation and integration company focused on convenience store industry. FRESH YOUR LIFE will upgrade the convenience store's online and offline integration solution through its " downstairs" ecosystem, and carry out new retail operations to improve the convenience store's revenue and profitability while serving consumers better


series A

600 million CNY