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TOGO, a time-sharing car rental provider, provides users with instant short-distance travel services in the city. TOGO is the largest fuel vehicle operating platform in China, with more than 7000 vehicles operating in 7 cities and more than 3.5 million users. In 2018, TOGO will continue to expand its business scale and urban service scope. It is expected to open 12 cities, operate 15,000 vehicles and have 5 million users


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XiaoErZuChe is a shared travel app and the first and largest shared travel platform for new energy vehicles in Hainan. We are committed to making it easier and freer for users to make short-distance trips in the city, improving the city's traffic efficiency and reducing traffic congestion and environmental pollution. The car is unattended all the way, the mobile phone is operated, ready to use, paid back at any outlet, and paid online to meet various travel needs such as travel, travel, shopping, commuting and so on


series Unknow

200 million CNY



likechuxing is a company dedicated to providing time-sharing car services to urban people for short-distance business and leisure trips. The car rental and return process is completed by mobile app itself, which is intelligent and convenient


series B

Nearly ten million USD



DaDaoYongChe is China's innovative shared car intelligent operation platform, dedicated to creating a full-scene travel platform. Compared with the traditional time-sharing lease, DaDaoYongChe provides a new type of shared transportation service at the ground floor, which can cover almost all car scenarios and needs


series Unknow

Tens of millions USD



ZhangFeiChongDian focuses on high-tech power operation services in the field of electric travel, energy management system based on lithium battery and power exchange network system to provide uninterrupted power life for electric travel and solve the core problem of distribution - power demand


series A




DiShangTieDST aims to provide new new energy car rental service model for enterprises to meet the fast-growing logistics industry. Promote the replacement of traditional fuel vehicles by new energy vehicles, reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and assist in the effective management of the environment


series C

Tens of millions USD