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ShiXiangHui is a community-based C2B social e-commerce platform. Through the joint purchase of community mothers and joint distribution with the community, we can enjoy higher quality and lower price goods. Redefining neighborhood relations to make shopping more fun is the representative of new retail innovation in the community


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Letus is a sub-format of Lecheng Supermarket and a fresh supermarket chain invested by Lecheng shares. It focuses on the core category of consumer family kitchens with accurate shelf management and the lowest price in the city


series B

Hundreds of millions CNY


Bonjour Souffle

Bonjour Souffle is a main baking brand of Shufulei. Dessert originated in France in the Middle Ages and popular in Japan is characterized by a large amount of air, only 15 minutes of the best tasting time, and a fluffy and unique taste. Positioning at the middle and high end, the core audience is young women aged 15 - 35, with scenes including lovers and girlfriends gathering


series Angle

Nearly ten million CNY



FAMILYONE is a community group purchase service platform, mainly for community residents. It provides fruit, snack, beverage, fresh frozen food, grain and oil non-staple food and other products to users. Users can check and participate in group purchase through WeChat public number and other channels


series A

30 million USD



BMCY is a catering investment company jointly established by Mr. Wang Pu, chairman of Chongqing Chaotianmen Catering Holding Group and Gaorong Capital, which owns the catering brand " Jiuyuan Baozi". BMCY will integrate Chongqing's catering resources on the basis of snacks such as " Jiuyuan steamed stuffed bun" and " Puji Dandan noodles" for centralized management, packaging and promotion


series A

Tens of millions CNY



XiXiang is a leading takeout catering service brand. Relying on the cooperation between people and machines, a professional team of chefs is responsible for the development of cooking methods and dishes. IT teams translate them into machine language through programming, and finally cook with intelligent production equipment. Users can order food through WeChat and other channels, and food can be served through starvation


series B

120 million CNY