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BLUEX is a platform-based company dedicated to the development of a new generation of low-power and low-cost Bluetooth core chip technology and its application in the fields of wearability and Internet of Things


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precision is a platform-based company with underlying common technologies in the field of high-end equipment. The founding team consists of former Huawei, the early technical backbone of Spreadtrum, senior technical members of world-famous semiconductor equipment companies and domestic motion control experts. Within less than two years of its establishment, the company has achieved breakthroughs in core technologies such as motion control, algorithms, linear motors and machine vision, and based on these technologies, it has provided intelligent solutions such as crystal fixing, wire winding, bonding wires and glue dispensing equipment for semiconductor sealing and testing, optical communication and electronic components industries


series B

40 million CNY


one hour

one hour is a mobile phone maintenance service chain, mainly in the form of mobile phone maintenance + accessories. It uses the official website, WeChat public number, APP and other channels to conduct online consultation and service reservation, and also provides on-site maintenance services such as screen replacement, battery replacement, chip replacement, as well as mobile phone recycling and trade-in services


series A

30 million CNY



LEMON PHOTONICS is a semiconductor laser chip developer, focusing on the development and sales of high-end semiconductor electro-optic devices, modules and systems, providing users with products such as opto-electromechanical devices and systems


series A

50 million CNY



GRACE LASER is a laser research and development company. Its main products include industrial ultra-fast laser series, pulsed high-energy laser series, diode pumped laser series, OEM laser series for medical and beauty applications, customized lasers, etc. It can be applied to scientific research, medical and beauty applications, etc


series B

Nearly 100 million CNY



SPACETOUCH was founded by a number of professors and doctors of electronic engineering from Princeton University. Its main founders have rich research and development experience in human-computer interaction and integrated circuits. The company is committed to becoming an international leading provider of core chips and solutions in human-computer interaction

Artificial Intelligence

series A

Tens of millions CNY