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fclassroom is the leading K12 stage big data precision teaching service platform in China. The EI education intelligent system developed by the company is based on the dynamic data collection and intelligent analysis of the learning process, effectively realizing personalized teaching management and precision teaching driven by data intelligence


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ShiLiuJinZhi is a company that provides complete teaching solutions for K12 students and teachers in the system. It uses Internet technology and intelligent platform to provide mixed teaching solutions based on digital teaching platform and high-quality course content for school teachers and students, and provides complete intelligent adaptive teaching services based on the generated personalized data


series A

30 million CNY



knowbox is an Internet technology company dedicated to promoting the development of intelligent education, and has initially constructed a complete educational ecology based on tools - data - content and online classroom. knowbox has entered more than 400 cities in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, serving more than 30 million teachers and students


series D

150 million USD


koala reading

koala reading is a K12 graded reading brand that Beijing Enjoy Reading Education Technology Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to create. Adopting the self-developed Chinese grading reading standard and self-adaptive learning system to create the most suitable reading training method for Chinese students. Real - time monitoring, master the whole process of students' extracurricular reading, multi-dimensional reading growth data, help to tap students' full potential and realize effective improvement of reading ability


series B

20 million USD



YangCongShuXue has a teaching and research team of hundreds of people, composed of senior teachers and subject experts from Harvard and Peking University, focusing on providing scientific, effective and interesting learning experience for primary and middle school students, 5 - 8 minutes of animation video to teach knowledge and solve problems, and artificial intelligence to adjust the difficulty of exercises to ensure that children will understand as soon as they learn


series D

300 million CNY



SanYanGuanXue is a big data credit reporting platform for the education industry, covering 100,000 education and training institutions in 40 categories in 9 major fields. It calculates the credit rating of institutions based on big data in five credit dimensions, provides risk warning for users, and meets the query needs of different users through three search modes

Corporate Service


series Unknow

5 million CNY