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AoMengBianCheng 1 to 1, the leader of programming education for young children in China, is committed to developing programming thinking and mathematical logic thinking for young children aged 6 to 18


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codekid is the first company in China to teach children programming in the form of entertaining games. Through careful research and development of STEAM ( science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics ) innovative teaching plans as an inspiration path, using programming as a tool, building artificial intelligence science popularization platform, and cultivating elite children with global vision, comprehensive knowledge and 4C abilities ( creativity, determination, criticism, and communication


series Angle

5 million CNY



XiaoMa.Wang takes the international advanced training of children's programming as its foothold to help Chinese teenagers integrate with the world's excellent education and embrace the world's advanced information technology


series C

150 million CNY



BianWanBianXue is a service provider of programming education for teenagers, focusing on providing online programming education services for teenagers aged 7 - 16. It adopts the " harkness Round Table and Small Class" teaching model, including graphic programming, code programming and algorithm programming. At the same time, it has set up a programming content community " Programming Teenagers" to provide users with programming courses, online answering questions, interactive communication and other services, and is committed to cultivating children's programming thinking, innovation and creativity



series B

Tens of millions CNY


one code

one code is a technology company that carries out children's programming education around informatics Othello. Informatics Othello ( hereinafter referred to as " Shino" ) is one of the five disciplines competition, which runs through the three school-age stages of primary school, junior high school and senior high school. one code now has a complete course system and online teaching platform


series Seed

Millions CNY



MIAOCODE is a program education service provider for children. It mainly trains creative creativity, programming ability, logic ability and problem solving ability for young people aged 6 - 18. It provides intelligent education mainly with graphical programming tools, teaching games and student communities, covering online and offline education modes, under the banner of Shanghai Gengzi Education Technology Co., Ltd


series A

Nearly ten million USD