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Hello Bike is a shared bike company dedicated to providing users with light living and free travel tools. It will be put on the global market in the future so that everyone can travel easily


Funding 11 Fundings
Date Amount Round Relative News
Nov 2016 Undisclosed Series A
Jan 2017 Undisclosed Series A+
Apr 2017 Hundreds of millions CNY Series B
Jul 2017 Hundreds of millions CNY Series B+ Hellobike has been invested hundreds of millions of yuan by Weima's B+ wheel and will put 5 million cars this year
Dec 2017 350 million USD Series D1 Hellobike announced the completion of 350 million U.S. dollars D1 round of financing of Ant Financial Service, becoming a joint investment of capital, Fujita, Weima Automobile, etc
Dec 2017 1000 million CNY Series D2 Less than a month to complete two rounds of financing! Hellobike won another 1 billion yuan in D2 rounds of financing and Fosun took the lead
Apr 2018 700 million USD Series E1 Hellobike completed a new round of financing of nearly US $ 700 million, with Ant Financial Services and Fosun participating
Jun 2018 2000 million CNY Series E2 Hellobike received a capital increase of 2 billion yuan from Ant Gold Service and other companies, with an estimated value of over 1.4 billion US dollars
Jun 2018 2000 million CNY Undisclosed Global Investment and Financing Weekly ( 2018.6.1 - 6.7 ) | Fast Track Confirms Complete Acquisition of ACPF; Hellobike was invested 2 billion yuan by Ant Financial Services
Jul 2018 1000 million USD Undisclosed Direct Strike | Pass Hellobike Will Complete a Billion Dollar Financing Official No Comments
Dec 2018 4000 million CNY Series Strategy Hellobike confirmed the completion of a new round of multibillion-dollar financing of Chunhua Capital and Ant Financial Service


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Competitors 5 Competitors
Company Industry Series Amount Announced Date


ofo small yellow car is a bicycle travel platform without pile sharing, creating a " bicycle sharing without pile" mode, dedicated to solving the problem of urban travel


series E

866 million USD



DaDaoYongChe is China's innovative shared car intelligent operation platform, dedicated to creating a full-scene travel platform. Compared with the traditional time-sharing lease, DaDaoYongChe provides a new type of shared transportation service at the ground floor, which can cover almost all car scenarios and needs


series Unknow

Tens of millions USD



BangBangXing is a service platform for bus transportation in internet plus. It is dedicated to "internet plus Smart Travel" and provides users with safe and convenient services such as "inter-city travel, intra-city travel, inter-city flash transportation, and official vehicles


series B

100 million CNY



YiOuQiChe is an innovative service platform for the travel industry of science and technology, focusing on the promotion of new technology, new policies, new capital and new concepts ( new models ) " four new commercial variables" to the travel industry of automobiles. Facing the B - side of the industry, it provides the latest information, unique perspective, industry case and research report, innovative product evaluation and other quality online content, and matches the quality offline high-quality commercial activities with the key links of the industrial chain, high market attention and international vision. We are committed to providing highly efficient information content and multi-dimensional value services to innovators in the sustainable development of the auto travel industry


series Angle

8 million CNY



DiTaPinChe is a social travel software and is currently the leader in the field of carpooling in China. DiTaPinChe's product positioning is very clear. It only works as a " shared and social carpooling software" and always follows the principle of " drop by". Let car owners provide mutual travel and share travel with people who need to travel near their work place and address


series C

100 million USD