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KuaiShou is a short video community, a platform for recording and sharing life. Here, seeing the real and interesting world and finding people who are interested in you can also make the world find the real and interesting yourself


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Intelligence 29 Research Briefs

Chinese video-sharing giants rush into the payment field

Research Brief Nov 30, 2020

TikTok steps into e-commerce with Shopify deal

Research Brief Nov 03, 2020

Baidu in talks to acquire Joyy's China unit to solid its e-commerce business

Research Brief Nov 03, 2020

Chinese short video app Douyin's HK IPO may be the best option for ByteDance

Research Brief Oct 27, 2020

Kuaishou: seeking Hong Kong IPO ahead of ByteDance, does it bear a $50 billion valuation?

Research Brief Sep 28, 2020

iQiyi may team up with Tencent to compete with Netflix

Research Brief Jun 22, 2020

How does Baidu save itself?

Research Brief Jun 12, 2020

Kuaishou pushes a new short-video app to shake TikTok's dominance oversea

Research Brief May 18, 2020

YouTube will launch short video feature to fight against its rival TikTok

Research Brief Apr 03, 2020

IQIYI launches a new product "Suike" to against YouTube

Research Brief Mar 05, 2020

The emerging short video-sharing app Qutoutiao ushered a high-speed growth

Research Brief Feb 21, 2020

TikTok has become a huge threat to Facebook’s app download dominance

Research Brief Feb 13, 2020

<Editor's Pick>ByteDance’s revenue target in 2020 is 30-40% higher than that in 2019

Research Brief Jan 29, 2020

ByteDance rebrands HuoShan to support Douyin, video content creators usher in a new opportunity

Research Brief Jan 13, 2020

Keep, Codoon, JoyRun, …those Internet fitness players will come to the ramp-up period, is it an opportunity or a challenge for them?

Research Brief Jan 03, 2020

<Editor's Pick>How can Tencent-backed Huya break through again in the game live streaning market?

Research Brief Dec 31, 2019

Tencent, Kuaishou, ByteDance… these Internet giants focus on app matrix strategy, app factory will never stop its pace

Research Brief Dec 26, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Where did the money from Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu go in 2019? Is capital winter coming?

Research Brief Dec 18, 2019

With the fierce competition among Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon, ByteDance will enter the online music market

Research Brief Dec 16, 2019

Kuaishou launched its goal for the second half of 2019 that it will hit 300 million DAU before the Spring Festival in 2020

Research Brief Dec 09, 2019

The battle between long and short videos has begun

Research Brief Nov 21, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Baidu and ByteDance set a war on each other's core business- content and search

Research Brief Aug 21, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Aims for 300 million users, Kuaishou tries to win back the youth market from opponents

Research Brief Aug 14, 2019

<Editor's Pick> The “growing pains” of 250-million-user content community Xiaohongshu

Research Brief Jul 24, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Alibaba pumps $100M in TikTok's India rival VMate to grab a slice of the growing social video space in India

Research Brief Jun 05, 2019

Who can be the final winner of the Chinese game live streaming war?

Research Brief Apr 12, 2019

China's top 10 unicorns in estimated values 2018

Research Brief Feb 21, 2019

Chinese short video app Kuaishou launches AR avatar feature

Research Brief Dec 31, 2018

The second half of Kuaishou and Tik Tok: the entertainment for the individual and the industry

Research Brief Sep 29, 2018


Competitors 5 Competitors
Company Industry Series Amount Announced Date


The dapianxiu.cn show, China's new film power, the internet film and television incubation and dissemination platform, has made great achievements since it was founded in 2016 in the incubation, IP development, marketing and distribution of internet movies


series A

5 million USD



ErGeng relies on its own media brand influence to build a " media, customer and content" tripartite ecosystem, integrating video content creation, marketing promotion, commercial project docking, video talent training and interaction, cloud technology services and other functions, and is committed to building China's largest video platform


series B

120 million CNY



Huya is China's leading interactive live broadcasting platform, with a total of 200 million registered users, providing live online game watching, live game events and live games, live popular hand tours, etc. It includes live games such as the glory of the king, Jedi Survival and Wilderness Action, live games such as LOL, DOTA 2 and DNF, and live games such as stand-alone games and hand tours


series B

459.999999 million USD



Uhuh is a short video start-up company with certain technical skills, with talents in audio and video in-depth learning, recommendation engine and multimedia editing tools


series B

Tens of millions USD



YiTiaoShiPin is a life video service brand based on the mobile Internet and WeChat. It has various columns such as life, trend, literature and art, from the kitchen of the talented person to the tide guests in the city, from the secret shop to the art scene, you can see a group of life aestheticians pursuing life in YiTiaoShiPin



series C

5000 million USD