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tuya, a global intelligent platform, provides intelligent home appliances, intelligent appliances, intelligent electricians, intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent entertainment, intelligent health, intelligent wearing and intelligent one-stop artificial intelligence Internet of Things solutions for the whole house



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ebrun was registered on May 10, 2018, and its product " Car Loan Online" App was launched in May 2017. It mainly serves employees in the loan industry and used car dealers, with tools as the entry point and big data as the core to provide tools that meet the business scenarios of employees


series Unknow

Nearly ten million CNY



MINSTECH is a chain brand consumer data integration service provider, dedicated to providing competitive data integration products, services and technical solutions for chain enterprises, brands and businesses in the new consumer field. At present, the technology is mainly to use the full-link digital system to restructure the service and consumption industry, to use data and Internet technology to reshape the traditional chain brand enterprises of service and consumption type into store experience, to tap the data value of the enterprises themselves, and to realize consumer-centered intelligent services

Corporate Service

series Angle

Millions CNY



BAILU DATA is a one-stop enterprise government affairs service platform. The platform is mainly based on the policy big data platform and provides services such as policy analysis, public affairs consultation and training for enterprises in the new economic field

Corporate Service

series Angle

Millions CNY



DBSEC focuses on database security, database audit, database firewall, database encryption, cloud data security and other fields, and is a leading and comprehensive database security product, service and solution service provider in China

Artificial Intelligence

Corporate Service

series C

Nearly 100 million CNY



ShangJianKeJi is a developer of intelligent investment and research assistant decision tools, focusing on the development of intelligent investment and research assistant decision tools, providing services to investment and research practitioners, expanding the analysis dimension of the existing investment framework, forming forward-looking indicators at the industry and company levels, improving the investment decision-making success rate, providing multi-level security protection and disaster preparedness, encrypting and storing investment and research data, and opening source codes and organizing training salons while providing intelligent investment and research products

Artificial Intelligence

Corporate Service

series B

Tens of millions USD