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Lighthouse Project is a volunteer activity based in Guangzhou and facing the countryside. By organizing volunteers with good educational background in the city to go to schools in remote areas to share educational resources in both urban and rural areas, guide and arouse local students' learning motivation and pursuit of life, education in remote areas will be improved and developed and local sustainable development will be promoted


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Aug 2018 Tens of millions CNY Series B XiaoDengTa announced tens of millions of B rounds of financing


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ManFangXueYuan is a hotel industry personnel training and knowledge service provider. It has a scientific and perfect training system in the field of hotel training and is committed to providing tens of millions of employees with different forms of knowledge payment services in different fields


series Angle

Millions CNY



VisTalker is an English speech training organization, which focuses on the science and technology education innovation platform of Chinese and English speech training. It mainly provides Chinese and English speech training for young people aged 8 - 18 years old. It aims to provide a training mode with the characteristics of actual combat and instant feedback through the combination of imaging technology, and cultivate influential speakers


series Angle

3 million CNY



SanJieKe is an online university for Internet users, helping product managers, product operators and other Internet newcomers to grow up, providing professional and systematic online courses for product operation, challenging offline actual combat activities, and in-depth observation and comments. Volunteers and trainees are all over the major first-line Internet companies


series B

130 million CNY



NOWCODER is an Internet job-hunting artifact, C + +, Java, front end, products, operation skill learning / preparation / job search question bank, conducting online written interview simulation test exercises for famous Internet enterprises such as Baidu Ali Tencent Netease, and discussing classic test questions with cattle people to improve your technical ability in an all-round way


series A

Tens of millions CNY



ANG CHENG XIN XI ZI XUN is a vocational online education and training platform. The platform serves adults, and is located in the training and employment of online first-class fire-fighting registered engineers. Its core is competency-based products. It adopts a medium-class teaching mode and implements live broadcast during the teaching process. Students can ask questions in class to enhance classroom interaction. At the same time, the platform also provides personalized guidance to students based on big data. ANG CHENG XIN XI ZI XUN course uses three categories of contents, namely, technical pragmatism, comprehensive ability and case analysis, as material sources, and constructs new knowledge learning scenes with interactive courseware, videos, pictures, games and activities


series A

Nearly 100 million CNY