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Zero Space is an interior design company with avant-garde design ideas and top designers. It has entered people's lives with high-quality design standards and sublimated personal life taste


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Landspace is a private launch vehicle development enterprise, building a high-quality small launch vehicle manufacturer and one-stop commercial launch service provider. The product Landspace series of small launch vehicles, Landspace No. 1 ( code LS - 1 ), is a brand-new launch vehicle series designed and assembled independently by Landspace and with independent intellectual property rights


series B

300 million CNY



GALACTIC ENERGY is a commercial carrier rocket research and development company, which is located in the launch of low-cost commercial rockets. The solid carrier rocket developed by GALACTIC ENERGY has a take-off mass of 30 tons and a low-earth orbit carrying capacity of 350 kg. It adopts a three-stage solid propulsion plus liquid upper-stage configuration and has space ferry and active de-orbiting capabilities, which can meet the launch of micro satellites or test loads


series A

200 million CNY



ispace is committed to developing excellent commercial launch vehicles and providing systematic launch solutions to provide more efficient, higher quality and more cost-effective launch services for global commercial space customers, so as to greatly enhance human's ability to freely enter and leave space. In the early stage of development, we focused on the research and development of high - quality, low-cost and fast-response small intelligent launch vehicles to provide integrated commercial launch services for global small satellites and constellation customers


series B

1200 million CNY


Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer is an advanced aerospace propulsion system provider and aerospace vehicle provider. We are committed to independently developing the next generation of ambient temperature green liquid propellant and ultra-simple space propulsion system. As an upgraded product of traditional chemical propulsion system, it can meet the matching requirements of various space vehicle systems with high cost performance

Corporate Service


series A

Hundreds of millions CNY



CHANG GUANG SATELLITE is a commercial remote sensing satellite company, which mainly provides services from research and development and production of satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles to remote sensing information services. The business scope also includes the research and development of load systems, satellite detection systems and equipment, the development and construction of satellite ground systems and the design and manufacture of satellite tracking, control, monitoring and display equipment



2464 million CNY