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Enflame was founded in Shanghai in March this year and has research and development centers in Shanghai and Beijing. Its products are high-end chips for in-depth learning developed for cloud data centers and are positioned on the artificial intelligence training platform. The chip will be designed and optimized for cloud AI training using a unique innovative architecture developed independently, featuring high computing power, high energy efficiency ratio, programmability, low cost, and support for mainstream machine learning frameworks


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TIANRANG INTELLIGENCE is a young artificial intelligence company. The Tiandi Weiqi developed beat world champion Park Ting - huan at Yunqi 2050 Conference. The artificial intelligence marketing hosting service helps e-commerce customers multiply the marketing effect and efficiency

Artificial Intelligence

series A

180 million CNY



QiWu is an artificial intelligence brand founded by Sagittarius Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. and is committed to providing in-depth customized voice interactive technology solutions for enterprises to build intelligent and differentiated products


Artificial Intelligence

series A

50 million CNY



ALATOR is an artificial intelligence technology solution provider, aiming at providing customized artificial intelligence data prediction and analysis solutions for enterprises. It has advanced in-depth learning neural network algorithm and data-driven artificial intelligence model building capability, and adopts the model building standard process of Google and the University of California Supercomputing Center

Artificial Intelligence

series A

Tens of millions CNY



DuiBa, active in boosting operation! It provides a complete app integral mall management tool for mobile developers, fully exploits the operation means of user motivation, plays the leverage role of points, and maximizes user activity

Corporate Service

series C

110 million USD



99click has a leading integrated intelligent marketing cloud platform, which can provide a comprehensive online data analysis system, advertising effect evaluation, in-station advertising monitoring, member marketing data analysis, user experience marketing analysis, commodity category optimization analysis and other marketing operation solutions

Corporate Service

series A

40 million CNY