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toutiao is a recommendation engine product based on data mining. It recommends valuable and personalized information to users, provides new services for connecting people and information, and is one of the fastest growing products and services in the domestic mobile Internet field


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Intelligence 22 Research Briefs

With the launch of fierce competition among Internet giants, where is Baidu's future?

Research Brief Apr 26, 2020

ByteDance expands its new search engine function as it pushes further into the search market

Research Brief Apr 22, 2020

ByteDance to hire 10,000 employees for the layout of its education business

Research Brief Apr 20, 2020

< Editor's Pick>Tencent reports $13.5 billion net income for 2019, showing a diversified development of major business

Research Brief Mar 24, 2020

ByteDance and Alibaba have also adjusted their own game business due to their game ambitions

Research Brief Mar 06, 2020

ByteDance launched Toutiao Search, an independent search app

Research Brief Feb 28, 2020

Competition with Tencent and Toutiao, Sina successfully enters the mobile information head camp

Research Brief Feb 18, 2020

TikTok has become a huge threat to Facebook’s app download dominance

Research Brief Feb 13, 2020

<Editor's Pick>ByteDance readying assault on Tencent and NetEase's mobile gaming kingdom

Research Brief Feb 05, 2020

<Editor's Pick>ByteDance’s revenue target in 2020 is 30-40% higher than that in 2019

Research Brief Jan 29, 2020

Search engine market is thriving worldwide 2020, the competition of search engine platforms like Baidu, Toutiao Search is beginning

Research Brief Jan 07, 2020

Communities lost their ways: How to realize the commercialization of content community is the problem which Xiaohongshu (Little red book), Hupu, Zhihu is facing

Research Brief Dec 13, 2019

Meituan finally launched its own mini program platform, joining the battle with WeChat, Alipay and Baidu

Research Brief Oct 29, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Baidu and ByteDance set a war on each other's core business- content and search

Research Brief Aug 21, 2019

The rapid development and dilemma of children's programming education

Research Brief Jul 23, 2019

Half of the top 100 applications in the Indian app stores are developed by Chinese companies

Research Brief Jul 05, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Alibaba pumps $100M in TikTok's India rival VMate to grab a slice of the growing social video space in India

Research Brief Jun 05, 2019

Toutiao enters the game industry and tries to challenge Tencent’s dominance

Research Brief Jun 04, 2019

<Editor's Pick>How to build a 1-billion-user super app ? Zhang Xiaolong may know the answer

Research Brief May 01, 2019

ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming and his "programming" life

Research Brief Apr 23, 2019

Why is ByteDance growing so fast and fierce?

Research Brief Apr 11, 2019

China's top 10 unicorns in estimated values 2018

Research Brief Feb 21, 2019