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JingDongDaoJia is a brand-new business model developed by Jingdong Group based on the traditional B2C business model and extended to higher frequency goods and services. It is the O2O life service platform that Jingdong will focus on in 2015 and an important upgrade from the traditional B2C model to higher frequency


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58TongCheng, which provides you with massive classified information such as real estate, recruitment, yellow pages, group buying, friends making, secondhand, pets, vehicles, Zhou Bianyou and so on, fully meets your need to view / publish information free of charge

Corporate Service


series Unknow

76 million USD



ZaiLouXia is a start-up company dedicated to building a new ecology of urban retail, building a " public refrigerator" into the urban community through an intelligent retail terminal to provide citizens with a 24 - hour, fresh and efficient new retail service in the city



series A

Nearly ten million USD



FuShouKang is a home care service provider for the aged, creating the model of " nursing station + community care institution", which not only serves the community care institution, but also radiates the surrounding community with the care institution as the station, providing home-based service for medical rehabilitation care for the elderly within its jurisdiction, and forming a three-dimensional care system combining point and surface

series B

Tens of millions USD



JiaoWoXiuBa is mainly engaged in Xiamen printer maintenance, Shijiazhuang computer maintenance, notebook computer dust removal and other businesses


series Unknow

Tens of millions CNY



HeLiJia offers low-cost nail art, beauty, hairdressing, styling, etc. and quality door-to-door service. Is the " nail, beauty, hairdressing, micro - plastic platform" trusted by millions of women, and is committed to providing high-quality door-to-door services for all women who love beauty

series Unknow

Hundreds of millions CNY



NaiXueDeCha creates a new category model of " tea + soft European bag" with tea as the raw material and tea as the " leading role", which is different from the " supporting role" positioning in other bakeries. Naixue achieves the effect of " 1 + 1 > 2" for tea and bread

series Unknow

Nearly 100 million USD



ChaZhu is the main brand of Beijing ChaZhu Catering Management Co., Ltd. It is a small tea shop that has been operating for more than ten years and focuses on cooking healthy fresh milk tea, herb tea and pure tea. For more than ten years, Beijing ChaZhu headquarters has used the tea cooking method inherited from the " Tea Sutra" to cook drinks by hand using natural raw materials, with good taste


series A

Nearly ten million CNY