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DiDi is a one-stop travel platform covering many businesses such as taxis, special cars, express trains, hitchhikers, surrogates and buses


Funding 13 Fundings
Date Amount Round Relative News
Jun 2012 Millions CNY Series Angel
Nov 2012 3 million USD Series A
Apr 2013 15 million USD Series B
Dec 2013 100 million USD Series C
Nov 2014 700 million USD Series D
Dec 2014 700 million USD Undisclosed DiDi Taxi Get More Than US$ 700 Million Financing Tencent Temasek DST Leading Investment
Apr 2015 142 million USD Series E
Jan 2016 1000 million USD Series Strategy
May 2016 4500 million USD Series E and later
Jun 2016 200 million USD Series Strategy
Nov 2016 120 million USD Series E
Jul 2018 500 million USD Series Strategy
May 2020 500 million USD Undisclosed DiDi Travel Achieves Over US$ 500 Million in Autopilot Financing


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Industry Financing Info


Intelligence 21 Research Briefs

China ups regulation of tech giants with price dumping and monopoly

Research Brief May 03, 2021

<Editor's Pick> China opens second round of Internet anti-monopoly actions, targeting Meituan

Research Brief Apr 28, 2021

When is the best time for Didi's IPO?

Research Brief Aug 25, 2020

<Editor's Pick> Attention self-driving industry, here comes Didi robotaxi.

Research Brief Jul 01, 2020

China's Didi Chuxing launches global strategy to compete with Uber

Research Brief May 22, 2020

With the launch of fierce competition among Internet giants, where is Baidu's future?

Research Brief Apr 26, 2020

Chinese food delivery Meituan performs well in the sinking market and has a fast-growing in new business

Research Brief Mar 31, 2020

<Editor's Pick>Why did Alibaba further invest in bike-sharing start-up Hellobike

Research Brief Jan 21, 2020

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram...What are the top 10 apps by all-time downloads during the past decade?

Research Brief Dec 23, 2019

"G2 strategy" has also been proposed at the 20th anniversary celebration of Ctrip, Ctrip will speed up the process of Globalization

Research Brief Dec 06, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Internet giants like Alibaba, and Tencent are betting big on O2O again to step up their layout

Research Brief Dec 04, 2019

The stock price of China’s Meituan Dianping rose 137%, is it the end of its stock price?

Research Brief Nov 29, 2019

After 15 months, "Chinese Uber" Didi with Hitch service is back to public

Research Brief Nov 11, 2019

Hellobike- the survivor of China's bike-sharing endgame

Research Brief Nov 05, 2019

The rapid development and dilemma of children's programming education

Research Brief Jul 23, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Copying from China-a group of people are bringing Chinese business models to the US

Research Brief Jul 10, 2019

Re-cooperating with Meituan and Ctrip, OYO's development in China is facing a critical moment

Research Brief Jul 02, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Delivery by motorcycles, 'Uber for logistics' startup Lalamove 's new try in Southeast Asia and South Asia

Research Brief May 08, 2019

<Editor's Pick>How to build a 1-billion-user super app ? Zhang Xiaolong may know the answer

Research Brief May 01, 2019

China's top 10 unicorns in estimated values 2018

Research Brief Feb 21, 2019

Alipay versus WeChat Pay: a 5-year battle between Chinese payment giants

Research Brief Dec 14, 2018


Competitors 5 Competitors
Company Industry Series Amount Announced Date


ShouQiYueChe is a rental car platform. Since its launch, it is striving to create the first brand of customized car service. At present, the company is exploring the markets in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, and plans to vigorously promote them nationwide in the future to become advocates of intelligent transportation. The company's special vehicles will all use the vehicles formally leased by large leasing companies and cooperate with professional driver service companies to provide customers with a brand-new on-call car experience through the use of mobile internet and big data technology


series B

700 million CNY



DiTaPinChe is a social travel software and is currently the leader in the field of carpooling in China. DiTaPinChe's product positioning is very clear. It only works as a " shared and social carpooling software" and always follows the principle of " drop by". Let car owners provide mutual travel and share travel with people who need to travel near their work place and address


series C

100 million USD



CAO CAO is a new energy travel service platform in Internet Plus, dedicated to becoming the " Internet Plus travel" field and the first car brand to establish a new energy vehicle travel service standard. It integrates the services of new energy car travel and new energy car time-sharing rental ( provided by blue car rental ) to provide users with a safe, convenient, low-carbon and high-quality one-stop travel solution


series A

1500 million CNY



Hello Bike is a shared bike company dedicated to providing users with light living and free travel tools. It will be put on the global market in the future so that everyone can travel easily



4000 million CNY



ofo small yellow car is a bicycle travel platform without pile sharing, creating a " bicycle sharing without pile" mode, dedicated to solving the problem of urban travel


series E

866 million USD